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We moved house

At the start of September, we moved into a charming country cottage in the Suffolk countryside. We have much more outside space, and lots of peace and tranquility. It's a new experience for us as every house we have lived in has been a modern home. Now, we are surrounded by oak beams, wattle and daub walls and 700 years of history. There have been a few head-bumps but we are getting used to the quirky nature of this place.

The other fantastic aspect our new home has is raised veg beds and a greenhouse, which means I can pursue my dream of growing my own veg and herbs. When we moved in, it was the end of the growing season so I have decided to start in the spring of 2024, giving time to formulate a plan of what I want to grow. In the meantime I have ventured into the world of foraging and have made Rosehip Syrup and have used the remaining tomatoes that were here when we moved in for quite a few jars of chutney. I also have some Sloe Gin on the go, which will be ready for March. I know it is normally a Christmas thing, but I was a bit behind schedule!

Here are some images of our journey so far


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